Word Studies for the Week of September 9, 2018

September 9 ● Our Lighthouse: Crossing Borders ● Mark 7:24-37

How well do you deal with interruptions? Do you see them as a nuisance or an opportunity?

Read Mark 7:24; what was Jesus intent on doing? What does this say about Jesus and about what he was going through that moment?

Why was the fact that the woman was a gentile and a member of a people who were long term rivals of Israel important? What was this saying about God’s power? What might it say about what God wants to do?

Read Mark 7:27; what was Jesus doing? What is he calling the woman? Does this give a different picture of Jesus than you are used to?

Explain the woman’s reaction in 7:28; what does that say about what she must think about Jesus? What does that say about her situation?

Read Mark 7:29; what part of what the woman said is Jesus responding to?

Does Jesus have a change of heart about the woman, or was he playing along?


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