Word Studies for the Week of September 3rd, 2017

September 3 ● The Gift of Faith: The Found Life ● Matthew 16: 21-28

Is Jesus a little hard on Peter when he chastises him for wishing to prevent Jesus’ suffering? What point is Jesus trying to make?

How might our need to avoid pain and suffering keep us from doing right? Do you have an example when you tried to avoid pain and this gave you more of it in the end?

Satan is known as the accuser or tempter; which one of these might Jesus be thinking of when calls to Peter “get behind me Satan”? What human things is Peter setting his mind on?

Jesus teaches that discipleship is carrying one’s cross and following him; what does your cross look like? What are its properties? How heavy is it? Describe what your cross may be for you?

How would you describe in your own words what it means to lose your life for Jesus’ sake? Does Jesus mean we should seek death or is he talking about something else? If so, what?

How might one lose one’s true life by trying to gain the world? What might gaining the whole world look like to you?

How do you answer Jesus’ question what would you give in return for your life? What might a real genuine God inspired life look like?  (Avoid loaded words like “peace” and focus on tangible things)



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