Word Studies for the Week of September 30, 2018

September 30 ● Our Lighthouse: The Rocks of Sin ● Mark 9:38-50

Have you ever felt that you were getting in the way God’s plan because of your own wants or needs? Is it easier to see it in others or yourself?

Why might the disciples have wanted to stop the person helping others in Jesus’ name? What might that be about?

Read Mark 9:41; many scholars see this verse as encouragement to support mission, do you think so? Why or why not?

Read Mar 9:42; when we put stumbling blocks before others who does Jesus say it will really hurt?

Are the body parts that Jesus identifies as being potential causes of stumbling important? What qualities about hands, feet, or eyes, might lead Jesus to use them to make his point?

How can salt lose its saltiness? What might that mean for us in our daily life?

What tools and practices do you use to keep yourself true to yourself?


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