Word Studies for the Week of September 24th, 2017

September 24 ● Re-making God’s People: Work with Each Other ● Matthew 20: 1-16

What does the fact that the laborers in the vineyard are paid the same no matter how long they work impress upon you?

What does this parable say about the value of work? Does it affirm it or does it degrade it? Does the parable say anything about what our attitude towards work should be?

Why do you think the master goes out 3 times during the day to look for workers? Does it say something about the need for the work? Or, does it say something about the needs of the worker?

Why would the master choose to be so generous? What upside is there for him?

Can you understand why the man who started work in the morning is so upset? What would you do in his situation? If you had a choice, would you work for this master again?

How would you react if you put yourself in the shoes of one of those who started late in the day? Would you feel some guilt?

What is this parable really about? How would summarize the intent that Jesus is trying to communicate to us through it?



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