Word Studies for the Week of September 17th, 2017

September 17 ● Re-making God’s People: Forgive One Another ● Matthew 18: 21-35

Is the parable of the unforgiving servant about being ungrateful, lack of empathy, or both? How might empathy and gratefulness be related?

Which is more challenging for you, to be grateful, or to have empathy for others?

Empathy and gratefulness are tools that are given to help us forgive one another; in your experience, which tool works better to help engender forgiveness?

How much does the servant owe the king? Why is the size of the amount significant? What does it show about the nature of the king?

The second slave who is abused by the first slave owes the value about 3 to 4 months of labor for an average worker; is this an insignificant amount?

What does the king seem to be most upset about when the first slave is brought in for his final reckoning?

We are threatened with judgement if we too don’t forgive:  how do you think this will play out in your own life? How does this make you feel? Is there a proper place for this in a life of faith?



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