Word Studies for the Week of September 10th, 2017

September 10 ● Re-making God’s People: Keep Together ● Matthew 18: 10-20

Does the parable of the lost sheep make sense to you? Why would God rejoice more over the found one that was lost?

What does the parable of the lost sheep tell about the nature of God? Use some words to describe the attributes of God raised up in this parable.

Jesus precedes the parable with a teaching on temptation and follows up the parable by teaching about forgiveness; based on this, what is the cause of people going astray? What is the price of keeping a community together?

Read Matthew 18: 15-17; what is the scariest aspect of following the process of forgiveness that Jesus outlines?

When Jesus says that those who refuse to engage in reconciliation should be treated like a Gentile or a tax collector, what does that mean? Is this only a negative?

Read Matthew 18: 18 what does that say about the power the community has? What does it say about the responsibility the community holds towards its members?

Why is it vital that Jesus assures us of his presence in even the smallest community, while working through the process of forgiveness?



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