Word Studies for the Week of October 8th, 2017

October 8 ● Re-making God’s People: Produce for God ● Matthew 21: 33-46

How does the story in the above passage make you feel? Is what happens to the tenants just? What about the behavior of the owner?

What is the true sin of the tenants? Can you think of examples from daily life where we may be guilty of the same thing?

What things does the owner build in the vineyard and what is the purpose of each? What does that tell us about the owner’s priorities?

The priests and Pharisees are not equivalent to modern Jewish people, so who would they remind us of in our life today? Who were they back then? What kind of people fulfill their role today in our society?

How does this parable explain the Jesus story? What dangers are there in taking the analogy too far?

Are there times where our own wants and needs obscure our being able to see God? If so, can you think of an example?

Jesus uses the phrase “fruits for the kingdom” what tangible things in your daily life might be considered fruits for the kingdom?



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