Word Studies for the Week of October 7, 2018

October 7 ● Our Lighthouse: The Open Heart ● Mark 10:2-16

How do you promote unity within your family? What are some concrete things that you do to accomplish this? (Family dinner, vacations, etc.)

Describe the relationship between trust and unity. Which one should come first and why?

What does Mark 10:2-9 reveal about God’s will for our marriage relationships?

How might, Mark 10:10-12, make us think differently about what adultery actually is? Are these verses threatening too many in our current cultural situation?

If divorce is a sin, how do we react to those who are divorced? If you are divorced, how do you take these words of Jesus?

Is it intentional that Jesus speaks about children right after speaking about divorce?

What is it about children that makes them ideal members of the kingdom of God?

What do children need to survive and thrive? What does this say about human nature no matter what age a person is?

Why would people try to keep children from coming to Jesus?


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