Word Studies for the Week of October 1st, 2017

October 1 ● Re-making God’s People: Respond to God ● Matthew 21: 23-32

How well do you relate to authority? Are you generally compliant, are you resistant or does it depend upon who you are dealing with in authority?

What makes it hard for those in authority and who have power to see their need for God? How might giving someone some authority actually help that person spiritually?

Why do the chief priests and elders question Jesus about his authority to teach and heal? Are they threatened by Jesus? If so, how come?

How do you determine if someone is exercising authority properly? What characteristics must a person’s speech and actions have in order to demonstrate legitimate authority?

What does Jesus question to the scribes and elder reveal about their intentions and attitudes? How might these betray the people they are called to serve?

What is the simple message of the parable of the two sons? How does it reveal what healthy obedience to authority should look like?

Which son in the parable do you most resemble? The first, saying no, but doing yes? Or the second, saying yes, but doing no?



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