Word Studies for the Week of October 15th, 2017

October 15 ● Re-making God’s People: Celebrate with God ● Matthew 22: 1-14

Because of the decline in church attendance in America today, do we read the parable of the wedding banquet in the text above in a new light?

Verse 5 portrays those who respond to the invitation with apathy, verse 6 to those who respond with wickedness and violence.  How come each of them stand under the judgement of the king?

What reasons do people give today for not participating in a life of faith? What reasons do people give for being hostile faith today?

Who does the king order the slaves to invite after the initial invitees reject the invitation? What is this trying to say to us?

Why is the man who doesn’t have the wedding robe cast out in the parable? What might the meaning of this be?

What is the primary agenda of the Christian community according to this text and how well do we live up to it?

Where would you place yourself in this story? Where would you fear to be? Where would you like to be?



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