Word Studies for the Week of November 4, 2018

November 4 ● All Saints Sunday – The Coming Life: Resurrection ● John 11:32-44

When Mary meets Jesus after the death of her brother she states that Jesus had been there Lazarus would have lived; how is this a confession of faith? How might it also show that Mary still doesn’t get who Jesus really is?

Even though Jesus will raise Lazarus from the dead, he becomes deeply emotional when seeing others mourn Lazarus; what does this tell you about Jesus?

How might appropriate grief be a healthy reaction to the death of a loved one?

The grave of Lazarus is shut with a stone, and it has been 4 days (One longer than Jesus in the tomb after Good Friday) and the body is already beginning to decompose. Yet, Jesus still asks us to believe; how would you explain this?

Jesus admits that he is praying so that others can hear him pray; why is he doing this? What does he hope will happen?

Why does Jesus ask Lazarus to come out on his own rather than go in to the tomb to lift him up? Might this symbolize something about the hope Jesus offers us?

Jesus asks those by the tomb to unbind Lazarus, does the promise of the resurrection help unbind us? How might our fears keep us from being truly free?


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