Word Studies for the Week of May 6, 2018

May 6 ● Easter 6 – Living the New Life: Choice and Love ● John 15:9-17

Do we control our ability to love? Is loving someone a conscious choice? What is your explanation of what love is?

Jesus asks us to keep his commandments in order to abide in his love; do your relationships with family and friends also have certain rules which demonstrate love? Are there things you need to do, and are there things you need to avoid?

Jesus speaks of sacrificing one’s life for his or her friends is the greatest form of love; so when he asks us to love others as he has loved us, what is he actually saying?

Jesus asks us to call him friend because he will no longer call us servants; what action of Christ made this shift in status possible?

In verse 15 Jesus says that the friends are privy to more information than servants and that we will know everything he has heard from the Father; what do you think this means?

Jesus states that we do not choose him; but that he chose us; does this jive with the way most people think about Christianity?

Jesus teaches that we are called to bear fruit because we are loved; in your experience are people more productive of good things when they know they are loved?




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