Word Studies for the Week of May 28th, 2017

May 28 ● Easter 7 How to Survive: Humble Oneself ● 1 Peter 4: 12-14; 5: 6-11

Read verses 4:12-13.  Does suffering an ordeal mean that one has lost God’s favor according to Peter?

Is there a difference between prosperity and blessedness?  Do you think the Bible can have a different idea of blessing than many people in our culture today do?

What are some of the ways that being humble can be really satisfying?   Does it always have to be hard; or can one find peace though it?

What does it mean that we have a God who willingly calls us to cast our cares upon him?   What does that say about how God views us?   How does this knowledge help you?

Peter admonishes us to be both disciplined and alert; how are the two related?   What things can you do to stay disciplined?   What things do you do to stay alert?

Luther talks about resisting evil in the following: “When the devil comes and wants to drive you into melancholy because of your sin, just take hold of the Word of God, which promises forgiveness of sin, and rely on it. Then the devil will soon desist.”   It is really this easy?

Does knowing that others are facing similar trials to you help you get through it somehow?  If so how come?


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