Word Studies for the Week of May 27, 2018

May 27 ● Trinity Sunday – Living the New Life: Trinity and Gospel ● John 3:1-17

Is the mystery of the Trinity a comforting or confusing, inspiring or obscure way of talking about God? What makes you feel this way?

How might the Trinity be used to tell the story of salvation? What is the role of each person of the Trinity in the history of God’s purpose?

Which person of the Trinity, Father, Son or Holy Spirit do you think of most often in your worship and prayer life?

How does the bible describe the relationship between the different persons of the Trinity? How might that help us determine what our relationships should be all about?

Which person of the Trinity does John seem to single out as completely necessary to come to God? (See John 3:5)

Who does the Spirit always lead you to as He works in your life? How is this important?




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