Word Studies for the Week of May 21st, 2017

May 21 ● Easter 6 How to Survive: Resist Fear ● 1 Peter 3: 13-22

What are some things that our culture fears that Christians should not?   What are some of things that Christians should fear?

How does keeping God holy in our hearts help us overcome our fear?   What is God’s most consistent message to you?

How hard is it to keep one’s conscience clear when one is facing unjust suffering?   How does returning evil for evil destroy our own selves?

Luther states that “God does not want us to search for misfortune and to choose it ourselves. Walk in faith and love. If the cross comes, accept it. If it does not come, do not search for it.”  Does that conform to your understanding of how a disciple should approach potential suffering?

Peter appeals to our baptism as a help in standing in an uncertain world, Luther explains it thus “He gave me this promise. He will keep it, for He cannot lie” do you think of your own baptism this way?


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