Word Studies for the Week of May 20, 2018

May 20 ● Pentecost – Living the New Life: Spirit and Fire ● Acts 2:1-21

What abilities does the Holy Spirit give people today? What gift of the Spirit have you seen at work most in your life?

Read Acts 2:2, where does the Holy Spirit come from? Does it come from within the disciples, themselves, or someone else?

Besides the disciples, who were gathered in Jerusalem that first Pentecost, why might that be important to the story?

What language do those gathered in Jerusalem hear the disciples preaching in? What does that say about what the Spirit is trying to do?

Does everyone really understand what the Spirit is doing? If some don’t understand, what might be getting in the way of them seeing what God is doing?

How does what happen on Pentecost change the early Christian community? What was it like before? What did it become?




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