Word Studies for the Week of May 14th, 2017

May 14 ● Easter 5 How to Survive: Trust God ● 1 Peter 2: 11-12, 19-25

Luther states that the Christian must “act like a stranger in an inn who does not have his possessions there but only takes food and gives his money for it. For here there is only a stopover where we cannot remain. We must proceed on our journey. We are citizens in heaven; on earth we are pilgrims and guests.”   How does this metaphor work for you?   Is it hopeful or scary?

Why does Peter say we should guard our conduct in verse 2:12?   How might the concept of being a good guest help us think about our behavior?

Is there a difference between suffering for something wrong or suffering for something right?  If so, what is the difference?

Are there times when we suffer for no real reason?   Explain your view.

How is Jesus an example of how we should approach suffering?   What does Peter say about Jesus in 2:23?   Is this realistic?

Is it harder or easier for you to trust God when you are going through a bad time?  Do you run away from God or to him in these times? What does the phrase “by his wounds we are healed” mean to you?


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