Word Studies for the Week of May 13, 2018

May 13 ● Easter 7 – Living the New Life: Prayer and Unity ● John 17:6-19

Jesus speaks of those he proclaimed to as “those God gave me”; do you think it is natural to view those whom you have shown love to as gifts from God? Explain why you feel the way you do?

Jesus prays for those within the faith first in John 17:9; how does this strike you, is this the way your prayer life should work as well?

Jesus is asking that the Father protect those that belong to Jesus; what things do you think there are that disciples need to be protected from today? Are they the same types of things as when Jesus first prayed this prayer?

Jesus sends his disciples into the world even though he admits that they do not belong to the world; for what purposes does Jesus send his disciples into the world today?

Who does Jesus imply that we should model our being sent into the world on? What action are we called to copy?

Jesus asks the Father that his disciples be “sanctified in the truth” and “sanctified in your word”; how might the word or the truth sanctify a person? What does sanctification mean to you? Is it something you have thought about that can happen to you?

Jesus prays for the unity of his disciples; what are some of the ways that we can become an answer to that prayer?




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