Word Studies for the Week of March 25, 2018

March 25 ● Palm & Passion Sunday – Dealing with Sin: The Death of Sin! ● Mark 15:1-39 (Mark 11:1-11 Call to Worship)

Meditate on the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, why did the masses leave him to suffer so quickly?

Meditate on Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, how does the loss of friends make saying goodbye so hard?

Mediate on the betrayal of Judas, why do those who love us hurt us the most?

Meditate on the denial of Peter, how come those who disappoint us are so often those we have hoped to depend on?

Meditate on the religious and political leaders using Jesus as pawn in their power games, how come so many get caught in the crossfire?

Meditate on the guards and soldiers who mocked and beat Jesus, how come power always goes to our heads?

Meditate on the Cross, who would dare do all of this for you? Do you really think you deserve it?




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