Word Studies for the Week of March 18, 2018

March 18 ● Lent 5 – Dealing with Sin: Stand with Christ! ● John 12:20-33

Jesus asks us to serve and follow; what is keeping you from doing this more fully? Can you follow Jesus on your own or do you need people alongside you?

Can we really look at the life of Jesus and what he was all about without seeing what happened in his death?

Jesus promises to be wherever his servants are; what does that tell you about where we are able to find Jesus when we feel we are getting lost?

What could be glorious about Jesus’ death? Why might the Gospel of John use this language about that which we normally find so troubling?

What might Jesus mean when he asks the disciples to hate their life in this world? Is he asking us to have a death wish? Or is this something different?

Think of the other times in the Gospels when a voice from heaven says something about Jesus. What was going on? Think about how they parallel this incident.

Jesus states in verse 32 that he will draw all people to himself. The original Greek word of the text means to drag. Has God ever dragged you somewhere, perhaps kicking and screaming?




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