Word Studies for the Week of June 4th, 2017

June 4 ● Pentecost How to Survive: Live in the Spirit ● Romans 8: 14-17, 22-27

Luther says about verse 8:14 that we are: “not to fear death… and likewise give up the empty pleasures of the world and its corrupt and sordid prizes… This is not characteristic of our nature, but is a work of the Spirit of God in us.” How does the Spirit help us overcome the worst in ourselves?

Paul like Jesus contrasts the slave and child, how are they different, how are they similar? What is the comfort of being known as a child of God?

Using Paul’s language, what pressures in creation groaning under these days? What pressures are we groaning under? How will the fulfillment of Christ in our lives help alleviate them?

When are the times that you might lose sight of the hope you have in God and how might the Spirit come to your aid?

Luther states about the necessity of the Spirit: “For unless the Spirit were helping, it would be impossible for us to bear this action of God by which He hears us and accomplishes what we pray for.” Are there times in your life when we you need a friend to stand by you when you have thought or done wrongly?

Is the idea of a God who knows you better than you do yourself a comforting one or a challenging one? Explain.


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