Word Studies for the Week of June 25th, 2017

June 25 ● The Ten Commandments, A Better Way Life: The Third Commandment ● Matthew 10: 24-39

How rested are you? Do you often get time to unwind and be with those you care about?

What are some of the blessings that might come from keeping a Sabbath?

Jesus asks us to acknowledge God before others, how is your worship attendance a statement of your faith?

In the catechism Luther centers the Sabbath on hearing the Word through preaching, what other aspects of Sabbath keeping are there? Are they of equal importance?

How is Sabbath keeping a witness to your faith in God? What message does it send a message to your friends and neighbors around you?

What is really getting in the way of your keeping the Sabbath in a more faithful way?

Has modern worship become too much like entertainment? Has traditional worship become too insular, arcane, and esoteric for anyone outside the faith to understand?


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