Word Studies for the Week of June 24, 2018

June 24 ● The Urgent Gospel: The Master of All ● Mark 4:35-41

Describe the most fearsome storm you have witnessed, what made it so powerful, the wind, water, noise, or darkness?

Does the metaphor of the storm resonate with you as way of explaining our spiritual struggles?

In Mark 4:38 the disciples were freaked out by Jesus asleep in the stern. Are there times when you might feel that God is not paying attention to you? What brings these feelings on?

What does Mark 4:41 reveal about who Jesus is? How might this knowledge be helpful to you in your daily life?

When Jesus questions the disciples about their faith in Mark 4:40, what might he also be asking them?

Does the story of Jesus calming the storm say something about the process of coming to know God?

What are some of the storms going on in the world that we need Jesus to pacify? What might be some of the storms in your own life?

In Mark 4:36 it states that other boats were with them, how does that change the story for you? What might you think was going on in the other boats, either during, or after the storm?




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