Word Studies for the Week of June 10, 2018

June 10 ● The Urgent Gospel: On God’s Side ● Mark 3:20-35

Does your family always agree? What does the fact that Jesus had a family that could try to stop him say about who Jesus really is?

Why would Jesus’ family to restrain him? Why would they think that he was out of his mind?

Why would the scribes say that Jesus is in league with the devil? What was Jesus doing that would lead them to demonize him?

Jesus speaks of binding Satan, what was Jesus doing that would be described as binding Satan? What might be “plundering his house” refer to?

How might one blaspheme against the Holy Spirit? What might this be referring to? Why can’t it be forgiven? Do you think this is actually so?

Jesus gives and expansive definition of his family? How might have his biological family felt about this?

Some say you have a family you are born to and a family you choose; who is Jesus choosing to be his family?

How would one know if they are really on God’s side? What tools do you use to discern this?




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