Word Studies for the Week of July 9th, 2017

July 9 ● The Ten Commandments, A Better Way Life: The Fifth Commandment ● Matthew 11:25-30

Some have said that the command not to kill may be the hardest for us to keep, how could this be so? (See Matthew 5: 21ff)

Luther called the commandment not to kill, the protective wall for all relationships, how might this be so?

In the explanation of the command not to kill found in the small catechism, there is both a prohibition against hurting others, but also an obligation to help others in their time of need. Have you ever looked at the command in this way before? How is this different from the world’s default way of looking at things?

Can failing to help a person in danger be as much of a moral problem as inflicting harm to that person?

Are there any circumstances where killing can be justified? Or is it always evidence of our sin and estrangement from God?

Can the promotion of self-interest above all virtues be a violation of the commandment not to kill? If so how might would you explain it?

A popular bumper sticker asks us to coexist, is that actually enough in light of the Gospel? Are we called for more?


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