Word Studies for the Week of July 2nd, 2017

July 2 ● The Ten Commandments, A Better Way Life: The Fourth Commandment ● Matthew 10: 40-42

What changes have you witnessed in how people in our culture engage authority during your lifetime? Are these
changes good, bad, or mixed?

When has it been hard for you to honor your mother and father? What issues seem to bring the most tension in your

How are our mother and father representative of authority? What gives them authority?

How are the privileges of authority exemplified by our parents? How are the limits of authority demonstrated in our
relationship with them?

What are the responsibilities that come with authority? How can we measure if people are fulfilling their responsibilities
of the authority they have, whether parental, governmental, career?

How do people in society earn proper authority? What causes people to lose authority? What aspects of authority
are most important to you?

Can people in authority perform their functions if they do not get help from those whom they have authority over? Why, or why not?


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