Word Studies for the Week of December 30, 2018

December 30 ● Christmas 1 – Welcoming God: Finding ● Luke 2:41-52

What can adults learn about God from children?

Describe a time when you were astounded by a child’s question or answer to a question.

What does the story of Jesus teaching in the temple say about the potential that God has given Children to lead in the faith?

What concerns you about Joseph and Mary’s behavior in Luke 2:43-45?

What does the response of Mary and Joseph in Luke 2:48 say about them?

Have you ever responded to your children as Mary and Joseph responded to Jesus in this account? Explain how it turned out.

What does this story in Luke 2:41-52 communicate about who Jesus will grow up to be?

Other than going to church together, how might you keep God in the center of your family’s life?


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