Word Studies for the Week of August 6th, 2017

August 6 ● The Ten Commandments, A Better Way Life: The Ninth and Tenth Commandments ● Isaiah 55: 1-6

In what areas are you least satisfied with what you have? Are you likely to be jealous of those who have these things?

Can you remember a time when you really wanted something that belonged to another person so bad that it threw you off track? What was it and what did it mean?

Martin Luther called for us to protect others property as the positive imperative of the 9th and 10th commands; do you think this is so? Who might you be more likely to do this for and why?

Luther uses words like entice, force, trick and making false claims on other’s property to describe the tangible effects of coveting; which one of these have you seen people fall prey to in the world?

What other things (tangible and intangible) do we covet from others besides their stuff?

Luther’s explanation of the 9th and 10th commandments implies that God wants us to be responsible for and accountable to our neighbors; where does this begin and where does this end according to the teaching of Jesus?


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