Word Studies for the Week of August 27th, 2017

August 27 ● The Gift of Faith: The Messiah ● Matthew 16: 13-20

Do different people from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences see different identities of Jesus? If so what are they? Which ones are positive; which ones are more problematic?

Who do you say Jesus is? How might have your background, experience, and culture shaped your answer?

How is Jesus’ question “who do you say I am?” the central question of our faith? Do you think we examine the question often and deeply enough? What tools of the faith can help us wrestle with this question?

How important is it for a person to have an individual answer to the question of who Jesus is? Why might having an answer you worked out on your own be important?

A key can unlock a door or gate, it can also decrypt a code, or provide an answer to a question; how is Jesus using the word “key” when talking about the keys to the kingdom of heaven?

Is Jesus handing Peter the keys to the kingdom and talking about binding and freeing on heaven and earth about power? Or is it about something else? Explain.


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