Word Studies for the Week of August 26, 2018

August 26 ● Our Life in Christ: God’s Protection ● Ephesians 6:10-20

Do you ever feel that you are under attack from forces beyond your control? What makes you feel this way?

What’s keeping you back from being more excited about sharing your faith in Jesus?

Read Ephesians 6:12, who is our real enemy? Do we sometimes do damage to people by labeling them as the enemy when they are not? If so, does our treatment of those who give us trouble in life matter?

Paul will describe the differing aspects of a life of faith as the various tools of the soldier (the whole armor of God).  Should these be used only for defense, or do these tools help us take the offensive? Explain.

Why are the shoes mentioned in Ephesians 6:15, what might that mean for understanding the purpose of the armor?

What is the one offensive weapon listed in Ephesians 6:10-17, what does that say?

How does Ephesians 6:18 relate to the previous verses that describe the armor of God?

If I say the phrase “prayer warrior” what picture comes to mind? Have you ever thought of yourself in this way?


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