Word Studies for the Week of August 13th, 2017

August 13 ● The Gift of Faith: The Helping Hand ● Matthew 14: 22-33

What action is Jesus doing when the account of him walking on water starts? Might this be important? What does it say about Jesus?

What does the fact that Jesus walked on water to get back to his community say about his intentions, priorities and focus?

The disciples fail to recognize him at first, thinking he is a ghost; are there times when we too fail to recognize Jesus reaching out in our own lives? What might make us do this?

What are Jesus’ first words to the disciples? Might there be some who find a profound encounter with God awe inspiriting or even a little scary?

Peter tests Jesus to see if it is really him by asking to have him walk out of the boat; who might Peter really be testing?

When does Peter begin to sink? What is this passage saying about the nature and power of faith?

What happens when Peter begins to sink? What does Jesus do? What might that communicate with how God deals with us when we do the same things as Peter?


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