Word Studies for the Week of April 8, 2018

April 8 ● Easter 2 – Living the New Life: Faith and Healing ● John 20:19-31

When the disciples are hiding and afraid, Jesus appears and announces peace to them; is peace a better antidote to fear than boldness? What is the relationship between fear, boldness and peace?

Why does Jesus show the disciples his hands and side? Why does Jesus need to say “peace” to the disciples again?

Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to the disciples and speaks forgiveness to them; why would this be so important to say the first time he appeared to them after the resurrection?

What is the relationship between forgiveness and healing? Which one comes first? Does one need to be healed to forgive? Or, does one need to forgive to be healed?

Thomas needs to see Jesus and the wounds with his own eyes before he can accept faith; how might this way of being keep people from experiencing healing?

Why would Jesus say that those who have not seen yet are able to believe are blessed? Isn’t seeing believing?

What is the state of your faith these days? What evidence are you looking for?




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