Word Studies for the Week of April 29, 2018

April 29 ● Easter 5 – Living the New Life: Bearing Fruit in Relationship ● John 15:1-8

What words would use to describe what Jesus means when he says, “I am the vine”? What is the chief point he is making by using this metaphor?

Jesus brings up the difficult idea that some branches must be pruned in order for fruit to be borne; what reasons does he give for which branches will be pruned?

Jesus says that no one can bear fruit unless they abide in him; what does this mean for you in your life now? Are you abiding in Christ?

Jesus says those that abide in him can ask for anything; what would you ask God for today? What might you be afraid to ask God?

Jesus says that the Father will rejoice when we become his disciples; why would he say this? What is it about a disciple that can give God joy?

What are the ways that a Christian today can abide in Jesus? Describe some of the concrete day to day things a person can do to abide in Christ.

What does a discipleship life that bears fruit look like to you? Give some concrete expressions of the fruitful life or perhaps an example of someone who demonstrates fruitfulness and why.




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