Word Studies for the Week of April 15, 2018

April 15 ● Easter 3 – Living the New Life: Story and Witness ● Luke 24:36-48

On what day does Jesus appear on the road to the two disciples? What is there understanding of what happened to Jesus?

Why might Jesus have not wanted to be recognized at first by these two? What might have he been wanting to see or hear from them?

What stories are the disciples hearing? Do their hearts believe what happened in those stories?

What stories then does Jesus tell the disciples along the road? Why might this be important? What does a story attested to by the scriptures have that other stories do not?

Do the disciples understand who they have invited into their home? When do they finally realize that Jesus is with them?

What might this passage say about where our priorities as a community should be? Where might we best recognize Christ in the things that we do as a church?

What do the disciples do right after their encounter with Jesus? What does that say about what we are called to do?




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