Word Studies for the Week of April 1, 2018

April 1 ● Easter Sunday – Dealing with Sin: The New Life! ● 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 (Mark 16:1-8 Call to Worship)

Paul seeks to remind the Corinthians of the Good News of the Resurrection after dealing with many difficult issues in his first letter; how does the resurrection work in your life to help you deal with life’s challenges?

Paul talks about how the witness was handed down to him and then passed on; who shared the resurrection message with you? Who have you shared the message with?

Paul talks about how Christ’s sacrifice for our sins is “in accordance with the scriptures”; why is this an important point?

Paul recounts that the risen Christ appeared to him in addition to receiving the message in a traditional way; how might Christ appear to people today? Has Christ appeared to you? What was the manner of his appearing?

Paul is amazed that God appeared to him despite his sin; would reflecting on your faults, mistakes and sins make it harder for you to experience the love of God? If so, explain.

Grace is an irresistible force which causes Paul to witness to others to Christ; if we are reluctant to witness does that mean we are not really grasping the power of grace?

If a neighbor or coworker asked you to talk about your faith, how would the message of the resurrection fit into your answer?




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