Word Studies March 22- TUNE IN TO FACEBOOK LIVE 10 AM

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March 22 ● Lent 4 Our Beautiful Savior: The Light of Life ● John 9:1-41

How would you explain why bad things happen to people who seem not to deserve it?

Read John 9:3, how does Jesus answer why this man became blind? Do you understand what Jesus is getting at?

When might it easier for a person not to see? What are afraid of seeing in our own lives?

Read John 9:16, what do learn from this verse about what we should be doing as disciples and what we should avoid?

How does the man who is healed in John 9 grow in his understanding of who Jesus is? What might this say about our own journeys of faith?

The blind man is driven out of the temple because of his mere witness of God’s power; why do the Pharisees do this? What did they fear?

What might the Pharisees actions say about the potential of the power of sin within people of faith?
How do you know you are faithfully following God or not? What tools do you use to keep on course?


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