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March 29 ● Lent 5 Our Beautiful Savior: The Raised Life ● John 11:1-45

When was the first time you truly understood the impact of death? How do you deal with the idea of death?

Read John 11:21-22, what does Martha think about Jesus at this point? How is both her faith and grief reflected in her words?

Why do you think Jesus is weeping in John 11:33-37? Is it because of death of Lazarus or the reaction to the death of his friends, or something else?

Jesus speaks his prayer aloud so people can overhear it, why does he do this? How might this change your attitude about the nature of prayer?

Jesus voice calls Lazarus from death, what might that say about the power of God’s Word?

In John 11:44 Jesus tells the people to unbind Lazarus when he emerges from the tomb, how might this be a metaphor for how death may affect us in this life?

How might resurrection be a shocking thing for us?

What do you hope to find in the resurrection? How does that hope keep you going now?


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