Word Studies for the Week of September 16, 2018


September 16 ● Our Lighthouse: God out Front ● Mark 8:27-38

Read Mark 8:28; who are some of the people that the disciples tell Jesus that people are identifying with Jesus? What do they have in common?

Who does Peter say Jesus is? Why is this important? Why does Jesus ask the disciples to remain quiet?

Why might have Peter rebuked Jesus when he described what must happen to the Son of Man in Mark 8:31?

Why does Jesus call Peter Satan?

Read Mark 8:34; how does this verse make you feel? What would you identify as being your cross to bear if you were to follow Jesus more intently?

Have you used prayer to take stock of your life recently? Are you aware of where you are putting your resources, and what purpose they are being used for?

Are there times when you feel ashamed of your faith? When might these times occur? How can one fight this feeling?


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