Word Studies for the Week of October 14, 2018

October 14 ● Our Lighthouse: The One Necessary Thing ● Mark 10:17-31

Talk about the main commitments in your life; what are they? How do you prioritize them?

Who are the people in your life who have demonstrated a commitment to you? How does seeing someone commit to you change you?

In Mark 10:22 the man found it hard to commit his possessions to the Lord; what is the easiest thing for you to give up in order to commit to someone? What is the hardest?

Are the possessions that we struggle to commit to God always material things, or are there non-material things that people struggle to commit to God?

When you read Mark 10:25, how does it make you feel?

Why might it be harder for rich people to enter the kingdom? What might the barriers be?

What are ready to commit to Christ now?

What might Mark 10:23-27 say about the type of help we need to commit our lives to God? Where might that help come from?

How does Peter feel about his commitment to Jesus in Mark 10:28? Is he being honest with himself?


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