Word Studies for the Week of November 18, 2018

November 18 ● The Coming Life: The Old Life Thrown Down ● Mark 13:1-8

Do you think you have the courage to put your faith to the test? If not, what help might you need?

Read Mark 13:2; what is it saying about the nature of human institutions? Is there something that you thought would last forever but is fading away or has died?

When people are fearful, are they more likely to be led astray by those who seek to manipulate them? Can you find an example?

Is Jesus saying in Mark 13:7 that wars are an end time occurrence or just the natural result of living in sinful world? Does it matter? If so, why?

Jesus states that people will be persecuted because of their testimony of him; does this go on today? What are thoughts about Christians who endure persecution?

How might, the message of Mark 13:1-8, protect you from being led astray in turbulent times?

How does Mark 13:1-8 challenge us to examine where are we placing our hope? What will happen to those who place their hope in only those things constructed by people?


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