Word Studies for the Week of November 11, 2018

November 11 ● The Coming Life:  Investing in God’s Future ● Mark 12:38-44

How does Jesus describe the devotional life of the Scribes in the Temple? What are they really devoted to? Does their dysfunction affect the lives of others?

Do people sometimes do the right things because of improper motivation? Does it matter?

Who gave the greater proportion to the work of the Lord, the rich folks or the poor widow? What does that reveal about one’s dedication to God and others?

Was there anything wrong with the rich contributing from their abundance? Can one’s abundance be a resource to do good?

Examine your calendar and your checkbook (or Quicken file) what do they say about what or who you are devoted to? Is there something you would want to change?

Since the widow in Mark 12 gave all that she had, what was she saying about her own faith?

Which is really the stronger motivation for people’s giving; the need of the giver to give, or the need for the object of our giving to receive?

How can your giving help or hinder your faith relationship? How has your giving changed your life?


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