Word Studies for the Week of May 26, 2019

May 26 ● Easter 6 – Knowing the Risen One: Keeping Christ ● John 14:23-29

When Jesus says keep his Word, what does the verb to keep mean to you? What synonym would you use for it?

Keep commonly means ‘to hold on to”, how can you hold on to God’s Word? What practices can help you hold on to the Word?

Keep can also mean “to guard” or “to protect”, if applying this to God’s Word, what might we mean? Who or what are we protecting and guarding the Word from?

In biblical terms, keep may also allude to obedience, do you think about obeying God’s Word when life situations come along?

In the Hebrew’s scriptures, keep may also allude to observing God’s Word as in engaging in the practices of the faith. What are the practices of Christ’s Word that we are called to engage in?

What might be the role of the Holy Spirit in keeping God’s word? Check out John 14:26.


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