Word Studies for the Week of May 19, 2019

May 19 ● Easter 5 – Knowing the Risen One: Sharing Christ ● Acts 11:1-18

What are some of the obstacles that we face when we would like to share our life in Christ with others we meet in daily life? Which of these obstacles come from our own internal life (our anxieties, preferences, etc.) and which come from the culture?

Because they kept kosher, the first Christians could not eat with those who were not Jewish. Why would not being able to accept the hospitality of others be an impediment in doing God’s work to bring hope to the nations?

Peter faced opposition in the early church because of his decision to eat with gentiles. Can you see why those who opposed him did so? Can you imagine why it is so important for practicing Jews to keep kosher?

Does Peter make his choice to change his faith life drastically right away, or are there some steps involved? If so what are those steps?

What are the steps that lead the gentiles to Peter? How are they similar to what Peter goes through? How are they different?

Read Acts 11:17; what is the basis for Peter’s decision to baptize and include gentiles? Was it really something he did or was it just reflecting what God was doing with them already?

Are there times that we can fall behind where God is leading us? If so, how can we keep open to what God is doing?


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