Word Studies for the Week of May 12, 2019

May 12 ● Easter 4 – Knowing the Risen One: Hearing Christ ● John 10: 22-30

How does Jesus identify those whom he considers his sheep? What two things must they sheep do? How well do you think you do at these two things?

What are the qualities of sheep that are positive? What qualities of sheep serve to remind us to stay humble?

What promises does Jesus the shepherd give to the sheep in verses 27-30? How can they help people in daily life?

How do the terms Messiah and Shepherd work together? What does a Messiah do? What does a shepherd do? How might one help explain the other?

Where do shepherds lead their sheep? (Hint: think Psalm 23) What do shepherds do for the sheep along the way? How does Jesus do these things for you?

If Jesus’ work is plainly seen why do people have a hard time putting their trust in him? How does one really know which actions come from God?


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