Word Studies for the Week of March 24, 2019

March 24 ● Lent 3 – Discipleship 101: Repentance and Opportunity ● Luke 13:1-9

When are we more likely to blame a victim for a tragedy that happens to them? When they are different than us, they made a mistake, or where in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Do you sometimes think of God as vengeful or wrathful? When might you more likely think this way?

When you hear the word repentance what comes to mind? Is it a positive term for you? A negative? Or both? Explain.

Why does the man want his fig tree cut down? What is the lesson behind his reasoning?

What does the gardener say to the man? Who might the gardener be in the parable?

The gardener seems to want to change the environment of the tree to help it bear fruit. Is the environment a factor in the lives of people when they seek to repent? What might this tell us?

Is the time to repent unlimited in the parable? What does this mean about the nature of repentance?


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