Word Studies for the Week of March 10, 2019

March 10 ● Lent 1 – Discipleship 101: Confession and Witness ● Romans 10:8-13

When do you need to call on God the most? What kinds of things going on in your life open you up to what God is doing?

Paul speaks about the Word being near to us, what might he mean? Are there times you feel far from God?

Paul talks about two responses a follower of Christ has, confession with the mouth and believing through the heart, how might these reinforce each other?

Paul identifies confession with our justification and identifies faith with salvation. Can you think of some synonyms for these terms that help you grasp them better?

Is it easier for you to believe in Christ, or to confess Christ? How so?

Paul appeals to a common humanity, that all can call on and believe in the Lord, which was radical for the time. Is it still radical today? Do people believe in a common humanity anymore?

After our lesson, Paul calls people to proclaim Christ, is this just about helping others? Or, does proclaiming Christ help ourselves as well? Explain.


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