Word Studies for the Week of March 03, 2019

March 3 ● Transfiguration of Our Lord – The More Excellent Way: Listening ● Luke 9:28-43a

Eight days after Jesus tells the disciples about the cross for the first time, he goes to a mountain to pray. The bible records nothing happening during that time. Might this be important, if so why?

Jesus is transformed before the eyes of Peter, James and John, what event in Jesus’ life does this incident possibly look forward to? Why might it be important for the disciples to see Jesus like this?

Jesus is seen speaking with Moses and Elijah about the events to come in Jerusalem. Why is it important that he is seen with these two figures?

Why might have Peter asked Jesus to build a camp and hang out for a while? Could you understand why Peter might want to do this?

There is a cloud that overshadows them on the mountain, can you think of other times in the biblical story where a cloud descending is a sign of God’s activity?

What other time in the Gospels does a voice from heaven come down and say something about Jesus? What might the events have in common?

What does the voice say? What does the voice ask us to do?


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