Word Studies for the Week of June 2, 2019

June 2 ● Easter 7 – Knowing the Risen One: Praying in Christ ● John 17:20-26

How is your relationship with Jesus going these days? What can someone pray for you so that your relationship with God is strengthened?

Do you have someone who prays for you regularly? How would knowing that someone prays for you regularly make you feel?

Do you have someone you pray for regularly? If not, try thinking of someone and pray for them every day for a week. What do you think might happen? How might it change you?

Who does Jesus pray for in John 17:20? Why might it be important to have both these groups prayed for?

What does Jesus pray to happen to these two groups? How well is this prayer working today?

What is the third group that Jesus prays for mentioned in verse 21? What might this say about the purpose of Jesus work in coming to the world?


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