Word Studies for the Week of January 6, 2019

January 6 ● Epiphany 1 – Welcoming God: Seeing ● Isaiah 60:1-6

Isaiah calls the people to rise because the light has arrived. What things might keep us in a state of sleep where we don’t see work of God in our lives?

Are there times in our life where we think we would be better off staying in the dark? What would make us feel this way?

What are some of the dark things that are troubling our world today? Where do these things come from?

Isaiah says that when light comes the nations will come to those upon whom the light shines. What does this say about whom God cares for?

Isaiah speaks of the promises that families will be reunited at the coming of God’s light. What are the pressures today that are driving families apart?

How is light a good descriptor of how God works through Jesus Christ? What types of things does light do that makes it a good way to talk about Jesus?

Isaiah talks about the nations bringing gifts in appreciation for the light that God brings. What gifts can you give to God to show your appreciation for the light which he brings into your life?


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