Word Studies for the Week of January 13, 2019

January 13 ● Baptism of Our Lord – Welcoming God: Living ● Luke 3:7-22

How do you know if you are living a meaningful life? What are the signs which help you discern the quality of your life?

John the Baptist asks people to bear fruits worthy of repentance, what might that look like in daily life?

He also asks people not to fall back to their identity as Abraham’s ancestor to save them but to change their lives now. Does this message have a particular resonance for our times today?

What do the recommendations that John tells people to do have in common?

Is it important that two of the groups that came to John to learn how to live are soldiers and tax collectors? Think about how the people of an occupied land might view people who practiced these professions.

John admits he is not the Messiah, how does he explain what the Messiah will do? What imagery does he choose to use? Is this hopeful imagery, threatening or both?

What do you think John means my saying the Messiah will baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire? What events from the Bible point to this?

When Jesus was baptized two events happen, the Spirit and the voice. What do these things say about the identity of Jesus?


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